Become a Social Engineering Practitioner

Become a
Social Engineering

The world as we know it developed because of the efforts of dedicated individuals like you!

People who are not satisfied with the status quo!
People who bring their highest self, and highest ideals to life.

You are not alone!

You are one of us!

At The Joyce Daniels Organisation, our satisfaction comes from educating and equipping everyday people to become excellent leaders.

If a country’s leaders are representative of its followers, then,

We want each follower, each citizen, to reflect high personal leadership.

The Social Engineering Practitioner shows;

Become A Social Engineering Practitioner

Are you a dedicated professional who is passionate about excellence?

Do you seek to lead yourself by the highest possible standards and help others do the same?

Are you willing to elevate the status of your country and immediate environment?

Can you commit to applying your skills, experience and expertise to improving the quality of the place(s) you call home?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right company.

As part of the process of shaping the identity of the Social Engineering Practitioner, We provide


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