Re-engineering Minds
For Happiness

We believe in the building of fulfilled and happy people through education, development and order. In leading the growth, development and success of thriving communities and societies, our focus is on the individual(s) who make societies up.

What we do

Training and Development

By offering practical research-based training, coaching, and mentoring, we can guarantee the development of mentally tough, resilient individuals who have mastered the art of bouncebackability.


We draw attention to the areas of Social Justice, Economic and Political Reforms as we torchlight these issues for the cause of nurturing thriving communities and individuals. We use advocacy as a tool required to strengthen and foster the continued functioning of a society and its system.

We Fund

We put money where our heart is by providing and supporting empowerment interventions, entrepreneurial enterprises, community projects, scholarships and other charities. Funding provides fodder and fuel for the people ready to take action. Support and join us.

Trainings and Coaching Programmes

In supporting the development of mentally tough, resilient individuals who have mastered the art of bouncebackability, we offer practical research-based training, coaching, and mentoring.

The Courage and
Confidence 0 t0 100 Webinar

Opportunities abound around you. Defining experiences pass by you every day. Are you that person who has remained somewhat stuck because of fear, doubt, scepticism, and more? Emerge a more convicted, certain, tenacious person from one sitting with me.

The Titanium Club

January – November

The Titanium Club 2021

You have the capacity for tremendous happiness and fulfilment if you harness all of the experiences that life throws your way.

You can emerge truly stronger from the experience that left you grieving, disappointed and with crushed confidence? You can be free of fear, doubt, and negative self-talk that drains your courage, esteem and self-worth.



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